A New Year

Christmas is over, the carnage of the day put away and we are a few days from the start of a new year. I am still feeling the effects of all the food and drink and feel quite toxic. Today I will go and join the human race but a force stronger than me tells me to stay home. What is this force you ask? A new loom arrived in my home this Christmas and it is begging me to stay home and play.  

My head is filled with possibilities. Yarns that I had set aside for other projects  are being redirected in my head for new experiments. New weaves and colour combinations are running wild in my mind. I could print on the fabric or maybe embroider an interesting border.  Oh my! don't even get me started on borders.

A few more days and the holidays are over. Life will settle back into it's daily routines. A new year will have begun and with it the hope of happier, healthier more prosperous days. For me, I am planning to focus more of time on my fibre pursuits. Spinning, weaving, knitting where will it take me this year? But first, the January yarn sales!

Wishing you all a happy, creative New Year!