Deep in the stillest moments of the night, when normal folk have long since retired to warm beds, one secret workshop is just getting started. 

Want to know more? There's not much to tell. The details are shrouded in mystery and riddled with rumours.

Some claim the shop is home to a legendary master in the noble field of fibre artistry, known for the brilliance and quality of her creations.

Others say the quality and beauty of the shop's goods are so remarkable, there must be magic and unseen forces involved in their making.  

Or here's a good one: Some say the shop in question has a curious habit of moving about, and may only be found when the seeker is in true need of a gift fit for royalty. One that truly demonstrates the giver's affections and guarantees the receiver's happiness.

It's hard to say what the truth is. The only thing that's certain is that it's known as Stillnight Studio, and it makes the best damn shawls there are.