Opening Day Has Arrived!

Well I am finally here. I had talked about starting an online business for what seems like forever and with the help of some very talented people, my daughter holding the figurative gun to my head and my dear sister wiling to supply the bullets opening day has arrived. So many friends and family have encouraged me to do this even the pizza delivery dude said I should be selling my shawls. So with all this in mind I would like to thank a few people who helped me in this new venture.

First and foremost I would like to thank Sean Cameron of Wing and Oar. He is my web designer and graphic guru. Basically this is how it went. I make the shawls he did everything else. From all the beautiful pictures to my great looking logo Sean did it all. Sorry Sean I'd put a link to your site but you haven't taught me that yet. So please if you need help navigating the world of online anything check him out.

I would like to thank my model who happens to be my daughter and biggest fan, Tamera Rogers. First for the threat of a finger gun to my head saying you have seven days to get this going or BANG!   I took two months but threat was a great motivator. I appreciate her modelling all the shawls and humouring me as I tried to figure out what look I was going for.

To my sister Diana Frajman for being willing to supply the bullets for Tamera's imaginary gun and for really making me believe I could do this. Thanks Coach.

Thanks Lenora and Michelle for just listening. You two are the best.

Last but not least my husband Steve for letting me take up half the house with my yarn. looms, spinning wheel, knitting needles and books. You may not understand fully my need to create in yarns and fibres but you financed most of it anyway and I love you for this.  

Wow!, you'd think I was getting an Oscar or something after that long list of thank -you's but I got something better. Love, support,and encouragement. Oh! and Tamera, you can put the finger gun away now.